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 USVF Annual Trip

"Erlebnisreise Nordsee"

 01. - 07. Juni 2017


            Membership, merchandising and sponsoring:

            Become a supporter of U.S. Veterans Friends Luxembourg and help to honor all those soldiers             who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve liberty. But also help us to pay our tribute to the             surviving Veterans.


We are grateful for any help from individuals and corporate entities.

You may make a donation to our bank account and participate in our sponsorship program.

Bank account number : LU23 1111 1180 2674 0000  with CCPLLULL



Yearly membership fee:

                                     EURO 10 or more to be credited to the account Nbr:

LU23 1111 1180 2674 0000
   with CCPL LULL


           25 EUR          Please contact us for 

availability and shipping

A grateful Nation remembers
1992-2002  45 EURA grateful Nation remembers 1992-2002 45 EUR

            45 EUR